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Surf Sisters Saturday with Pam Burridge

The Surf Sisters of Malua Boardriders were lucky enough to spend the day being coached by Pam Burridge in and out of the water. Pam is known as one of Australia’s first professional surfer girls and continues to encourage and inspire surfers from all walks of life. The Surf Sisters had an absolutely amazing day, beginning the day with team 1 surfing and being coached by Pam at Burrill Beach. Next, Team 2 were coached while surfing the waves at Rennies Beach. Some of Team 1 went for their second surf of the day, frothers!

The Surf Sisters returned to Holiday Haven, Burrill Lake where they have been thoroughly looked after by the beautiful manager Kirra. Pam lead the Sisters through a coaching session, watching the footage from both surf sessions and giving out pointers to the Surf Sisters on how they can improve their surfing. Pam also demonstrated stances to improve power and turns on the wave.

The day has been an incredible opportunity for such a frothing bunch of girls and women. The Surf Sisters have surfed, they've learnt new surf skills, practiced yoga (thanks Paula), they've laughed, they've smiled and solidified friendships. What a day!

Thanks to Club Malua for funding our Surf Sisters project.

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